Jeff Landry

What We Stand For

Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators was founded with one purpose – to restore the free market principles that empower our state's job creators.

Louisiana's Attorney General can have a profound effect on whether we have an economy that encourages innovation and job growth or whether we punish our hard working job creators with burdensome regulations and litigation.

We believe that we can and must support Jeff Landry and his strong, conservative pro-jobs agenda. As Attorney General, Jeff Landry will stand up for our economy and those who provide jobs for the people of Louisiana. It is time to support a leader in Louisiana who will fight against wrongful lawsuits that are harming Louisiana’s job creators. LA Citizens for Job Creators is made up of industry leaders, small business owners and business leaders all across Louisiana, and we would be proud to have you join our ranks!

Issues We Believe In

Leading to Stop Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is not just unlawful, it’s flat out dangerous. And even more reckless is when we have liberal politicians . . .

Aggressively Targeting and Arresting Child Predators and Criminal

Immediately after he was elected, Jeff Landry made it a top priority to target and arrest dangerous and violent criminals . . .

Fighting to Stop Corruption and Fraud

Louisiana has long been a laughingstock because of its corruption. Politicians and government officials have been making sweetheart deals and . . .

Supports Louisiana’s Economy and Jobs by Opposing Tax Increases and Burdensome Regulations

Jeff understands the simple fact that if government is taking more money from citizens and businesses, those citizens have less . . .

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